Data Visualization to Support Junior Fair Decisions in Light of Covid-19

The novel coronavirus has wreaked havoc on the world over the past year. The 4-H Youth Development program has been uniquely affected. Overcoming the obstacles of Covid-19 left many public leaders and policy makers scrambling for a responsible plan to protect the health and safety of 4-H participants, families, and spectators. The Marion County (Co.) Senior Fair Board (SFB) confronted planning needs head on, when forced to vote the cancellation of the 2020 fair (Carter, 2020). Unfortunately, trying to manage the implications of a wicked problem like coronavirus is difficult in particular due to ever changing data and guidance from multiple trusted, science-based sources.

Utilizing Tableau for data drive decision-making allows for the everyday person to easily understand the data and then make informed decisions. Fact based decision making in light of Covid-19 was and still is critical to planning the safety and well-being of a community. Evaluations all across the 4-H program can be supported by the use of Tableau software, however, this particular case study focused on Co. Extension staff’s innovative use of Tableau as a means to inform decisions about the fair.

Port, K. L., Long, M. N., & Rumble, J. N. (submitted). Data visualization to support Junior Fair decisions in light of Covid-19. Poster Abstract submitted to the North Central Region meeting of the American Association for Agricultural Education.


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