How does social cognitive theory relate to gender disparity in STEM?

As a student in ACEL’s Agricultural Communication Theory and Practice course during the spring of 2020, I had the opportunity to select a current issue of interest and from there look at the communication dilemmas surrounding the issue and suggest various communication theories to address the said problem. Gender equality is an ongoing concern worldwideContinue reading “How does social cognitive theory relate to gender disparity in STEM?”

Leadership Beliefs

The first chapter in Dugan’s (2017), “Leadership Theory: Cultivating Critical Perspective” is titled, “The Evolving Nature of Leadership.” Leadership is just that—evolving. Leadership is like a perspective. Although core values may not change drastically, perspective is conducive to change depending on various accomplishments and challenges faced throughout life. Heifetz stated, “the exercise and even theContinue reading “Leadership Beliefs”